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Expansive Skillset

I have touched so many things in life that there's a chance I can help you even if its not listed on this website. I am an analytical, quick learning person that loves to solve problems.

Industry Expert

Having 8+ years of experience running MC businesses, I provide proven guidance to my clients, even when its out of the project's scope.

Extensive Support

All of my work is backed by easily available and courteous support. I am proud of my work and back it up with my actions.

Security Mindset

Security is at the forefront of everything I do. I will never recommend a solution that I wouldn't run on my own stuff.


Services Offered

Dedicated server/VPS installation

$25 USD/server

For a modest price, I will setup your server with all of the essentials + strong security + any application you need.


  • OS installation/configuration.
  • Hardware recommendations before purchase based on needs.
  • Free included scripts on demand: server starter, server restarter, ect.
  • Firewall configuration.
  • Multi-java version installation.
  • If needed, any webserver you want.

* Please note that I do not do pterodactyl installations. *

Monthly System Administration Services

$250 USD/month/network

Looking for an all-inclusive system administration package that will allow you to sleep sound at night? Look no further!

For a monthly price, I offer the following:

  • All dedicated server/VPS installations you require (including the migration from previous servers).
  • Automated off-site daily backups (no added storage price).
  • Bash scripting (automating tasks such as server restarts, tedious tasks you have to often do manually).
  • 16/7 (up to 24/7) Emergency support by phone.
  • Server monitoring (both your actual infrastructure and individual MC servers). This allows us to know where the fault lies when an incident occurs. You will get discord alerts if one of your server lags or goes offline.

Hourly Services

$25 USD/hour (min. 1 hour)

Need something that isn't explicitly offered? I can do it for a reasonable hourly rate. This rate is higher than the average one-and-done contractor you might come across in this industry because the level of service and experience match it.

Valid for:

  • Java Development
  • System Administration
  • Web development
  • MC Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Workflow Optimization


Some Clients


Reach out today if you think you could benefit from one of my services!

Linux System Administration

Java Development

MC Consulting

Project Management

Workflow Optimization

Worry about one less moving part.

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You can reach me at one of the following:


You can reach me at one of the following: